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How did FBI Dads Start?

Join FBI Dads and experience the difference a full Dads program can make in your life, for your family and for your school.

Together, we'll build stronger bonds and create unforgettable memories.


Dad's Comments...


"Spending breakfast time w/ your kids & their friends and then seeing the excitement on all the kids faces when reading To them is an experience you cannot get anywhere else"



"It's totally worth getting up in the morning. Your son will appreciate seeing your face there. My son actually reminds me when it's FBI day in anticipation."



"A great opportunity to reinforce your involvement in your kids’ education and allow them to see you engaged with them."


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Why $1 instead of Free 

We've set the price of Ryan's book at $1 for a simple, yet powerful reason: commitment. Experience has taught us that when something is given away for free, it often goes unread. And if it's not read, it can't make the impact we're striving for. Our goal is to create positive change, not just tally up download counts. By asking for a small contribution, we encourage you to invest in this journey with us, ensuring the book becomes a valuable tool for change, rather than just another file on your device.